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RDQCA is the most welcoming and lovely group of individuals I’ve ever met. They’re my second family.


I think that Red Deer is a much better place with RDQCA in it, they offer a safe space for queer adults to be themselves among friendly and understanding company.

Eddie V.


It's good to have a community that stands up for the rights of everyone, not just those within RDQCA

Iron Mike


The RDQCA extends an open welcome to the queer community in Red Deer. They work hard to ensure that no matter your situation, you always feel like you belong and that there are some folks out there you can talk to.


There are always new and exciting things being planned, and the coffee meetups are the highlight of my week.

Finn A.


The Red Deer Queer Community has helped me know that no matter what, I always have the supports and resources I need.


Their support has been an absolute blessing in my times of need through some of the most confusing times in my transition.

Kara D.R.

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