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RDQCA Stands with Ukraine

In recognition of the incredible courage and fortitude shown by the Ukrainian peoples as they defend their homeland against the tyrannical advances of Vladimir Putin, RDQCA offers these resources in solidarity and an attempt to share valid truth during a time of misinformation and widespread fear. 

We encourage all of our community members to stand together with the people of Ukraine, those peoples of Russia who denounce Vladimir Putin's actions as he is but one man, and does not speak for all of Russia. 

May we stand together in this time of fear, and show these men of hate that they will not win.

Come Back Alive

Launched in 2014, Come Back Alive became the biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They use their donations to provide real-time support to Ukraine.


United Nations in Ukraine

The United Nations in Ukraine works with the Government and the people of Ukraine to build a culture of dignity, through understanding of and respect for human rights, towards a peaceful and transformed Ukraine. The special attention of the United Nations is given to the needs and aspirations of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in Ukraine.


UNICEF Ukranian Relief Fund

UNICEF has been responding to the conflict in Ukraine since 2014 supporting children and families. They have expertise in responding to humanitarian emergencies in conflict zones and have staff, field offices and partners across the country. Your donation to UNICEF will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $250,000.


Global Conflict Tracker: Russo/Ukrainian War 2022

Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, fighting has caused over two hundred civilian deaths and pushed millions of Ukrainians to flee to neighbouring countries—the majority of whom have arrived in Poland, a NATO country where U.S. troops are preparing to offer assistance to refugees... read more

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