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  • Ava Lelond

Should Red Deer Public Schools Celebrate Pride Week in June?

This post was originally included in RDQCA's February newsletter. Posted in the blog with minor modifications.


A member of the RDPSD school board put out a motion to have a pride week in June rather than August for all Red Deer public schools to participate in.

The intent was to get students and members of the community to write in letters of their support about what a school-wide pride week in June would mean to them.

As someone who wrote one of those letters, I believe it is very important to have a pride celebration in June with the rest of the world so that students may learn not only about themselves, but LGBTQ2IA+ history as well.

Celebrating in June would allow for students to learn about LGBTQ2IA+ communities around the world, the struggles they went through to gain freedom and rights, and how to respect someone's pronouns, gender, and sexuality.

As someone who has experienced harassment in school due to pronouns, I feel that learning about more about what LGBTQ2IA+ means will make it harder for people to claim ignorance.

For now, we will have to wait and see what decision the school board makes; it wasn't explicitly stated when the motion to move pride to June was to be presented and it is nowhere to be found on the RDPSD website.

Was it a waste of time to pour my heart and soul out into this letter for nothing to happen? Or will the school board go forth with this idea to make schools a safe and inclusive space for all children?

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