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  • Tlouey Dudenhoeffer

It's That Time of Year Again!

December is here, and with it, the merry descent into the busiest holiday season of the year. While many meet the season with excitement and joy, it can be a tough time for others.

The holidays shine a spotlight on familial relationships, and being 2SLGBTQIA+ often means having a strained relationship with relatives. For some, the holidays mean stepping back into the proverbial closet for the sake of family peace; for others, it means having to find a new family altogether.

A photograph blank kraft paper cardstock and gold-embossed envelopes, which are also kraft paper. To the left of the stationary is a decorative platter with some gold baubles, pinecones and red candles. Scattered around are craft supplies, like red washi tape, red and white twine, a pen, and little red tree stickers
You can either sign up to receive or send a letter

In light of this, the Red Deer Queer Community Association started a holiday tradition called Letters From Home.

When the holidays feel isolating, a kind letter can make all the difference. The goal of Letters From Home is to give folks the support and affirmation they may not be receiving from the families that raised them.

Sign-ups are open throughout December for those wishing to receive a letter or volunteer to write one. Those who sign up to receive a letter can request a physical letter or an email. While RDQCA is Red Deer and Central Alberta focused, this is open to all of Alberta.

Please always remember that you are loved and deserving of a family that values you. You aren’t alone. You’re family.

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