The RDQCA communities include the LGBTQ2IA+ Youth Pride and the LGBTQ2IA+ Red DeerAdult groups. Both are focused on monthly events and bi-weekly meetings. Events are typically themed to the month (i.e., summer barbecue, Halloween spookfest) whereas the bi-weekly meetings are more casual get-togethers.


But we can weather it together.
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LGBTQiA+ Youth Pride

To be a part of this group, members must be 18 and under. We have a strict anonymity policy wherein we do not disclose who is a part of this group to anyone.



The Youth Pride events are located throughout the city of Red Deer, including parks, coffee shops, and restaurants, and the occasional vacant conference room.


What We do

At Youth Pride, our main focus is to give members a safe space where they can be themselves without judgment or any repercussions.

LGBTQIA+Red deer

LGBTQIA+ Red Deer is the adult group. You must be over the age of 18 to be a member and either an ally or on the spectrum.

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Meetings are usually held at the Second Cup on Gaetz. Events are located throughout the city of Red Deer.


What We Do

The main focus of LGBTQIA+ Red Deer is to join together all aspects of the community. Our goal is to find more similarities than differences.

Image by Tim Marshall